Welcome to the world Baby Joy!

If you know this family, you know just how amazing their little boys are! I was thrilled to hear that they were adding a baby girl to the mix because I've seen these boys interact with each other and it only seemed perfect for them to have a little sister to adore. Their maternity session was nothing short of amazing, perfect lighting, low tide, and as much pink as possible. 

Noelle Maternity-55RGanimoto.jpg
Noelle Maternity
Noelle Maternity-31RG.jpg

After their maternity session, I was anxiously awaiting the news that their baby girl had arrived! I knew the boys would love her and I was certain that her momma was just going to LOVE adding a girl to the mix! I was right....the entire family is absolutely smitten for this baby girl. The boys light up when they get to hold her, and both mom and dad do too! She's perfect in every way!!!! Welcome to the world baby Joy, you a beautiful blessing to your sweet family! 

Noelle Newborn-62WEB.jpg
Noelle Newborn-21WEB.jpg
Noelle Newborn-38WEB.jpg
Noelle Newborn
2 Noelle Newborn-4WEB.jpg